Urban transformation

Urban transformation for renovation of old buildings, preparation of urban transformation files and reports, preparation of all kinds of consulting services and urban regeneration projects related to urban transformation, preparation of the urban transformation proposal, developing strategies put forth the legal procedures related to the urban transformation we will care for you and your business. Construction of the urban transformation may seem like small projects, where projects are actually experiencing frequent conflicts and problems. Non-institutional buildings made by the company, floor to meet the request of the owners, and failure to keep the promise given raises many problems with it. Urban transformation in the first ALPAS Group 'u prefer. Corporate and smooth your urban transformation Let's finish our work seriously.

Evaluation of land as a sales or const

To be considered available for sale and the response times of the plot, we attempt to exert the most effective for you. You fold arsalarınz money or cash sales operations in Istanbul, we guarantee 100% success. As we can consider ourselves as a company who land in Istanbul, we provide powerful business project of the fastest and most effective results achieved with our partners. the execution of a very important factor is that much of the sales and marketing of land or money-fold process for the sale of the land made the correct valuation for your land must be carried out professionally in the business. to work with a company that is both institutional contractor will give confidence to the landowner and the company will prepare proposals for a more serious institutional docked. This will prevent possible problems in the future institutionalism and the parties did utlu and more will be provided to make a good trade. ALPAS Group in Istanbul from us in the sale of your land in the province necessarily get the idea.

More Affordable Housing

housing project requests from our customers, we help them more affordable to purchase a home or shop. "A housing be purchased more cheaply?", We say yes to the question, of course. Due to our sales organization in the public housing projects, contractors quotes we get from being reduced more and we reflect it directly to consumers. As a result, the consumer can earn attractive discounts between 1% -10%. .

Creating Corporate Sales Office and Sales Strategies

Boutique or bigger site in the building, apartment and prepared the sales offices of the sale of the shops, the staff was grown, executed along with the advertising and promotional activities, housing and provide the successful realization of shop sales. This allows the company to sell a second time müteaahit engaged in construction of housing and are having to spend time portraying the head of the advertising activities on behalf of major construction companies, the promotion and sales office is managing our company.

about us

ALPAS Group is a company established since 1997. Many products and the representative of Turkey, as well as being the distributor of innovative brands and products on a large scale has also been importing to Turkey. Construction leap in the quality of our company in Istanbul and using the name of the signature, carries the joy of being satisfied with all customers. Land sales floor and bring the money lands companies in our company is very successful, highly professional work in this regard, helping to win the value of the land it deserves.


Turkey and Istanbul real estate values ​​are constantly rising and never lose heart. You will buy your house or land in Istanbul can bring profits to you two or three times in the short term. never lose value and you always get a winning investment. Let us buy your home or your name for Istanbul, let's appropriate to your home supply structure. of large residences, the office floors, the villa of your investment you get up to the usual home in Istanbul. If you want to work you buy a large scale in Istanbul or Turkey you buy at key points in the plot will save you a lot and you'll never lose it. alpasgroup will guarantee you that. If you want to buy land and invest on your behalf and we will take a thousand or residence. Let's make sales on your behalf. You also fold the abdomen and earn more. You have a reliable partner that you can work in almost every area of ​​Istanbul, please contact us if you want to get your friend.


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